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Business Book Productions PO Box 2151 | McHenry, IL 60051
Holistic practitioners face unique business-growth challenges. For most, their gifts and passion lie in healing root causes of their patients’ illnesses rather than growing businesses.

Of course, another key challenge is time. How can an independent naturopath continually devote sufficient time to promoting his or her practice, and not lose time spent with patients?

This is where we come in.

Our purpose at BBP is to expand the world of alternative medicine through helping naturopaths to easily write and self-publish wellness books. These books enable prospective patients to discover natural cures as an alternate treatment to conventional medicine . . . and to discover you as a holistic health care provider.
Yes! I assist entrepreneurs and business authors to write, illustrate, and self-publish their business books, in three key subgenres:

       Informational/How-to (like most business books)
       Autobiographical (like Rich Dad Poor Dad)
       Allegorical (like Fish! and Who Moved My Cheese?)

Forbes Magazine quotes, “ ‘The vast majority of the authors we surveyed — 96% — said they did realize a significant positive impact 
on their businesses from writing a book and would recommend the practice.’ ” Link

Fortune Magazine highlights the stunning cultural shift to natural options for health improvement: “77% of Americans are actively trying to eat healthier, . . . but only 19% say they’re on a diet. . . . It’s the fact that more and more people are focused on health first—and calories second.” Link

BookMarket reports, “Because most larger businesses now spend a significant amount of money on health insurance, self-funded health programs, or HMOs, there is a large market for any book, tape series, or other program that will help keep their workers healthy.” Link

And Publishers Weekly reveals that the self-help genre (which includes health books) tops the list of best-selling book categories, growing an astonishing 15% in a single year (2014). Link

All of the above is what makes our approach to book creation revolutionary:

We provide virtually everything you need
to author a premium business book
designed to target your patient niche
and expand your holistic practice.
​“I’ve already recommended Tammy’s course to many of my friends and colleagues."

—Dr. Carri Drzyzga, BSc, DC, ND

“This is my third and best book, all due to my working relationship with Tammy Barley. . . . Your book with Tammy will absolutely shine!” 

—Dr. Joanny Liu, TCMD, RAc, Peng
International Leader in Chinese Sports Medicine 
and Chinese Sports Psychology
Founder of Extraordinary Sports Medicine
Platinum Draft™ 2-Day Book-Creation Program—Done with you!
Receive my personal, no-guesswork coaching to help you plan your book and write (speak!) your manuscript draft . . . in just two days!*

Platinum Draft™ Pick-Your-Pace Book-Creation Program—Done with you!
Receive my personal, no-guesswork coaching to help you plan your book and write (speak!) your manuscript draft . . . at your own pace. For example, if you create your manuscript draft by investing two hours three times per week, it can be finished in just a few weeks!

Manuscript Editing—Done FOR you!
Have you already written a manuscript? My custom edit transforms good manuscripts into those of world-class distinction. My clients’ books receive high reader reviews and delight authors with the results! 

Ghostwriting—Done FOR you!
Using your blog posts, speech transcripts, or other materials, or by interviewing you and using the audio transcripts, I ghostwrite your manuscript for you, in your own words.

Book Completion—Done with you OR done for you!
We offer our clients custom book-cover design, interior graphics design, page-by-page layout so your manuscript is 100% publication-ready, the knowledge you need to make self- publishing a snap, market-your-book coaching, and assistance with:
  • press release ghostwriting or editing
  • magazine article ghostwriting or editing
  • and more!

* ​Longer books may require one or more additional days.
  • nets you choice speaking engagements
  • helps you increase your local media exposure 
  • provides ready content for your blog and social-media marketing
  • allows readers to get to know, like, and trust you
  • shows readers ways your current patients benefit from your healing methods 
  • guides your readers toward better health
  • generates a higher number of leads than not being an author/local wellness expert 
  • inspires readers’ enthusiastic word-of-mouth referrals
  • adds the distinctive achievement of “author” to your professional credentials
  • can continue drawing new patients to your practice, for as long as your book is print
  • Founder and president of Business Book Productions
  • Award-winning author with 20,000 + copies sold
  • Book coach and business-book-creation expert with nearly 80 book credits
  • Author of Business Gold: How to Write a Book to Spotlight Your Expertise, Attract a Ton of New Customers, and Explode Your Profits!

For almost a decade, I assisted entrepreneurs and business coaches to create and self-publish their business books. Then the health of my family took a sudden, life-threatening turn. In the end, functional medicine specialists played a key role in saving the lives of my sons.

Now my mission with BBP is this:

    To expand the world of alternative medicine        through wellness books that
    help restore readers to vibrant health.
As owner of Business Book Productions, I believe that a custom-developed, finely targeted business book is one of the most important marketing tools an alternative medicine practitioner can produce. And I know your time is precious.

So I’ve designed BBP’s book-creation solutions to quickly and easily help you to create (and self-publish) a top-of-the-line book, even if you’re not a writer. That means no guesswork. No unknowns. 

We offer complete business-book-creation assistance, from development of an initial idea to a published book in your hands.

In short, BBP makes the complex, simple.
As many as one million new books are published in the United States each year. Within the next five to seven years, an alternative medicine provider in your community is likely to have authored one or more business books . . . and positioned him- or herself as the leading go-to holistic practitioner in your area.

That practitioner’s book and brand will be prominent locally. And that practitioner will be the one that people in your community know, like, trust, and refer friends and family to.

That practitioner needs to be you.

It’s best to start creating your book as soon as possible.
To learn more, schedule a free Q&A consultation with Tammy Barley.

​"Tammy, you did it all with the grace of a seasoned professional— never once making me feel like the rookie I am!”

—E. Michael Shannon

"It was her wise counsel and experience that made my first book such a success."

—Jim Palmer

"Tammy did the impossible—she turned that document into a masterpiece in record time, we got the book published, and it is changing lives." 

—Martin Howey

Contact me to see how I can assist you.
Allegorical Business Book
Informational/How-to Business Book
Autobiographical Business Book
Ask a question or schedule a free Q&A 
consultation with Tammy Barley. Link

Ask Tammy Barley to speak at your upcoming event 
or to provide a Platinum Draft™ 2-Day Book- Creation Workshop for your group! Link
Where else but in authorship do you see a 96% marketing success rate that results in a "significant positive impact" on businesses? Authorship is not only effective. It's virtually essential to long-term business growth.
Tammy Barley, founder of
Business Book
Business Gold: How to Write a Book to Spotlight Your Expertise, Attract a Ton of New Customers, and Explode Your Profits! by Tammy Barley
That makes a business book a marketing powerhouse. You won't increase your revenue by selling books; you'll increase your revenue because your books sell you.

We assist natural, holistic health care providers. They are practitioners of: 

     Functional Medicine

     Integrative Medicine

     Chiropractic Care

     Traditional Chinese Medicine

     and other natural health care providers,

     including alternative mental health care