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“The fact so few people ever succeed in writing a book is actually a good thing for you. . . . You are forever distinguished from the masses who don’t have the guts to begin a book nor have the fortitude to stick with it.

“Do you want to know the real secret? Authoring a book really isn’t as difficult as it seems. . . . Once you learn this process, you’ll discover how easy it really is. . . . Allow Tammy Barley to guide you through the process, step by step. . . . It’s worth it.”

—Robert Skrob,
president of the Information Marketing Association,
author of Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing,
foreword contributor to Business Gold
Business Gold: How to Write a Book to Spotlight Your Expertise, Attract a Ton of New Customers, and Explode Your Profits! by Tammy Barley
Allegorical Business Book
Informational/How-to Business Book
Autobiographical Business Book
The Ultimate Sales Letter
Stick Like Glue
Playing Up
“I met Tammy Barley . . . years ago and knew instantly that she was not only a gifted writer and editor, she also completely connected with my writing style and understood the core message of my book. . . . 

It was her wise counsel and experience that made my first book such a success. . . . 

Tammy has become my go-to editor of choice. . . . Tammy gets my highest recommendation.”

—Jim Palmer, “The Newsletter Guru”
founder of Custom Newsletters, Inc.
host of Newsletter Guru TV
The Magic of Newsletter Marketing
Stick Like Glue
The Fastest Way to Higher Profits
It’s Okay to Be Scared—but Never Give Up
“Tammy Barley is an editor extraordinaire! She has so many talents that she applies in her editing and book design, not least of all her practical marketing skills, that your book with Tammy will absolutely shine! This is my third and best book, all due to my working relationship with Tammy Barley. She’s the best editor I’ve ever had!”

(Thanks for everything, Tammy! I feel so grateful to have met and worked with you!)

—Dr. Joanny Liu, TCMD, RAc, Peng
international leader in Chinese Sports Medicine
and Chinese Sports Psychology
founder of Extraordinary Sports Medicine
“When Dan Kennedy asked me to contribute a chapter to The Ultimate Sales Letter, 4th Edition, I knew my writing would need to be bold and have lasting impact for the reader. Tammy worked with me, on short notice, to accomplish exactly that. Kudos to my colleague for recommending her!”

—Mike Capuzzi
founder, CopyDoodles
chapter contributor:
"Use Graphic Enhancement” to The Ultimate Sales Letter,
4th Edition, by Dan Kennedy
"Tammy Barley is an editor extraordinaire who worked with me to present my story in a logical, engaging fashion that strengthened the narrative, made the lessons clear, and caused the story to flow from beginning to end. I have engaged her for other projects and highly recommended her to friends.”

—Vaughn L. McKoy, JD, MBA
attorney, businessman, motivational speaker

Playing Up: One Man's Rise from Public Housing to Public Service through Mentorship,

its teaching companion:
Coaches' Playbook,

Rookie: 12 Success Plays for Mentees to Build Winning Relationships with Mentors
“When it came to writing my first book, I had NO CLUE where to start. . . . I was looking for a course that would take me step by step through the process, and make writing my first book as painless as possible. I’m pretty busy with my private practice—like most business owners I am strapped for time.

[Platinum Draft] was put together in a very logical order. I learned that you don’t actually write a book from beginning to end. (Who knew?) And, the speed of the course really worked for me. I was able to write my book and run my business at the same time.

I loved being able to interact with Tammy. . . . [Her] encouraging words really helped to build my confidence and gave me the courage and determination to take my book from a pipe dream inside my head to a REAL paperback.

Tammy’s course delivered on everything she promised. I highly recommend this course to anyone serious about writing a book. I’ve already recommended Tammy’s course to many of my friends and colleagues."

—Dr. Carri Drzyzga, BSc, DC, ND
founder of Functional Medicine Ontario
“With [Business Gold], Tammy Barley assists you to attract tons of new customers, recession-proof your business, and command higher fees, because your published book will broadcast you as an expert.”

—Danita Bye
founder and CEO, Sales Growth Specialists
named Power Player by Minnesota Business magazine in 2010
"Tammy did the impossible—she turned that document into a masterpiece in record time, we got the book published, and it is changing lives." 

—Martin Howey
CEO, TopLine Business Solutions
Known worldwide as the number one resource
for training and supporting marketing and
business-development consultants
"Tammy, you did it all with the grace of a seasoned professional— never once making me feel like the rookie I am!”

—E. Michael Shannon
Fortune 1000 Companies’ sales-growth expert
founder and CEO, TriFit Business Development
The Fastest Way to Higher Profits

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—Jessica L. Brown
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